Life is full of constant interaction. Unfortunately, we seem to operate our daily lives as if we are on some kind of mission. Our errands, child shuttling and work often reduce our interaction with others to service-based transactions with pleasantries acting as the glue that binds our moments together.

We strive to be mentally, relationally, and emotionally present.

Sounds simple – Give it a shot.

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Life Churches

Our Life Churches are held weekly and open to everyone. These are the key to Christian living; ongoing supportive relationships that are safe for the individual who is looking into Christianity for the first time and challenging enough for those trying to grow in their faith. Food, relaxed hangouts, working together towards what lays ahead for Vintage Church and our community.

It all happens here. If you are interested in exploring being part of a Life Church click the link below – we’d be honoured to have you.

Special Events

We love jumping into community events throughout the year! These events are always a chance to do nothing other than to have a bunch of laughs and share a great time. Any excuse to have a party -we'll find it. This is also an amazing opportunity to mingle in a larger setting while getting to know each other.

Look for us at ALL the major West Kelowna community events.

Serving Kelowna

Our Teams are already at it! We believe that you can’t be part of a community unless you’re part of the community. Overly simple? Hiding behind a bunch of walls isn’t going to help in every way that is needed so in following our core value of OTHERS we simply try to help where a need shows up. Could be a neighbour, could be the local school. It all just comes down to knowing people well enough that we can get past the Everything is OK” game and actually be there for each other.

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