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Why “Vintage” Church

Obviously, every church has a name. Ours is Vintage. But why on Earth did we settle on Vintage? Pastor Ryan explores the meaning behind the name and how it was placed in his heart right from the beginning.

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Understanding Church Plants & Their Needs

If you are not a Christian or if you are a Christian but were never involved in a church that starts new churches you are probably fairly confused or uninformed about what Vintage Church is up to as a new church showing up in the community. Here’s is a quick overview of some of the thoughts and issues at play.

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Effort vs. Effectiveness (Part 1)

In this first half of the blog Pastor Ryan begins to explore what God has called the church to (its effective call) versus our effort and the means by which we gauge success. Part 1 sets the focus for this thought journey.

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Effort vs. Effectiveness (Part 2)

In this second half of the blog Pastor Ryan addresses the broken gauge of effectiveness in our lives and our churches, our need for central obedience and to let God be in control. Unfortunately, our broken gauge on success more likely a byproduct of what we need personally as affirmation.

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Community of Faith

‘Community of Faith’ addresses the more than common surface-level engagement and experience of many, many Christians today. Vintage Church seeks to be, and encourages everyone to be present, committed and engaged with God and his people.

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Hearing God’s Voice

Lesia explores her personal journey of discovery in learning to hear from God. How do you know God’s voice, are these your own thoughts? Through her childhood stories through to her transition from Surrey to Kelowna Lesia shares the process that helped to develop this skill.

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Reflections on Halloween

Halloween is by far the most social and community engaging holiday of the year. Pastor Ryan challenges us to branch out from our norm and to be present in our neighbourhoods, connecting with those who live mere feet from us. The delight, there are amazing people all around you!

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Growing My ‘I Am’

The new year is here and we’re all making resolutions! Most likely our goals for self and circumstance will be reduced to things that we ‘do’ – all the while the core of who we are remains unchanged. Who are ‘you’? Come and explore yourself and strive to unearth who ‘I Am’.

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We all have been given so much and yet constantly pursue more. PLUSONE Living focuses on taking what we have, our time, our talents, passions, and treasure and inviting others into our little worlds of families, friends and life envigorating one-on-one time together.

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