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Alright. State of the Union here. For all of our technological advancements, adventures into wholistic wellness and becoming an ever-more-informed society, take all the ‘bad stats’ and turn up the suck knob and here we are. But hey, don’t worry, someone has a destination, pill, course, fitness program or social media post to get you through the thousands-o-years issue of the human heart.

If there is one thing that slays me about what people overlook in the Bible it is the irrefutable evidence that the human heart does not change. We have more collective intelligence than our ancestors but we are no smarter. The personal issues then are identical to the ones today. So what, our generation is going to get it all together? Literally, everything that is being written in ‘new’ books and blogs is exactly not that. To quote a guy that was so wise that people traveled from all over the known world just to talk to him for a few minutes, “there is nothing new under the sun.” (Eccl. 1:1-11)

Can we just stop?! Can we just all agree on a simple, tried, tested, and true statement and then work from there?

Amazing things can happen when people get together, open their hearts, and share their lives.

Welcome to PLUSONE.

I’d like to address the excuses/gaffes that are offered as to why Christians do not share Christ with the people around them. First and foremost this is an issue of the state of their relationship with Jesus himself. It is about not understanding what has been given and is being offered; about the goodness – no, the greatness of Him!

Now a slight loosening of the noose. Christians are raised in this same culture of busy and bizarre statements of value like everyone else. Who doesn’t want more time with family? Who doesn’t want to own more of their own time? Who doesn’t want to be loved? Unfortunately, we are so fixated on what we are told this needs to look like that we are forever gravitating back to needing more stuff amongst the marketing of what the right stuff is. We’re all operating with a capitalist heart.

So let’s just say for the moment that we probably aren’t going to be able to shift our culture inside of a week or two. So how on Earth is sincere, loving relationships as a result of the immense love of God going to be shared with those around us? Are you supposed to quit everything?


Hey, not planning on going to church this week because you’ve got your boat on the lake and haven’t seen your family all week (you dirty little sinner)? Sweet; PLUSONE. You’ve got a boat! Make sure that there isn’t an empty seat left. Is there someone that you can take that might just need a reprieve themselves? Someone that may need a laugh? Don’t run to the list of names of people that you talk to all week – someone else. Who is hurting? Who’s name or face has been crossing your mind lately? You’ll be amazed at what will happen. Who have you just bumped into? Reach. Stretch your sphere of influence.

This is not hit them with a Bible time (and who are you to do so – you’re skipping church), it’s not that something in particular needs to happen. Just love them without an agenda. Go ahead, pray ahead of time that you would be who you need to be for them during your outing, that you would accurately portray God’s love towards them, but don’t feel like you have to have some theological talk. If they bring up church or Jesus then have a small conversation. Don’t hide who Jesus is to you (which you may want to meditate on in your own development). No agenda. Go, have a good time. That’s PLUSONE living.

Do you have a bunch of guys heading to the pub? PLUSONE guy. Ladies same thing, but a lady not a guy. Seriously, he’ll think he struck gold but not in a good way. PLUSONE girl. Having a BBQ with a family or two. PLUSONE family. Are you young, vibrant and a fun single? PLUSONE or, x20. Who doesn’t love a good party?

You don’t have to plan on being besties, but you do need to plan on loving and serving because of what you’ve received and because of who you are – not because of who they are.

Christians; what if all this crazy ‘witnessing’ stuff that you’ve been hearing about and avoiding just comes down to purposeful interaction and holding everything that God has given you with an open hand. If you’ve been given it, share it, or give it away. Never forget that the Lord may be trying to give you and maybe your family to someone in need. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ you will undoubtedly, through a normative process, share him with others. We believe that this purposeful interaction and clear understanding of who Jesus is to you is what needs to be addressed in each Christians life. Go ahead. See if you can outgive God. I dare you.


  • PLUSONE in its interaction can be and should be done by everyone. Relationships are meaningful no matter what you come to believe about Jesus.
  • Who could you reach out to, to be a blessing to?
  • Are there any Christians in your life that you would like to spend time with? Why not reach out – and don’t worry, they can’t convert you, it doesn’t work like that.


  • Who is Jesus to you? Write it down. Don’t talk about church, volunteering, good or bad Christians that you’ve met – just who is Jesus to you?
  • What does this answer mean moving forward in your relationship with Him?
  • Who could you invite over or book a meet-up within the next two weeks?

Ryan Rainville

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