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Not an introvert?! No worries, there is a whole lot in here for you too, and just think, you may come to understand what’s really going on in the corner at the next party.

Extroverts are Weird

Ever feel like people who are ‘On’ all the time are odd? Well, you are not the only one. So many people aren’t ‘On’ permanently and land somewhere on the spectrum of I can hold my own to Eye contact makes me pee a little.

The great news is that you are probably aware of which social settings work for you and where you are most comfortable. The key thing to remember is that PLUSONE living is for everybody!

Knowing what works for you, schedule meet-ups around your strengths. More comfortable at your home – invite people over. Like to keep things small? The tables at cafes are only so big. Remember, your big win here is inviting someone into your life, not thrusting yourself into someone else’s or adopting another personality type.

Own the Corner

Most of the self-declared introverts that I have met aren’t nonfunctionally introverted. The life of the party they are not, but they are amazing at connecting with people. Purposeful engagement with individuals is the goal in PLUSONE living. Apparently, you’re already hardwired for it. By themselves, large gatherings fail to establish meaningful connections. But those corners, and the end bit of that sectional couch, that’s where relationships form. This is your natural zone. You just need to pepper in some purposefulness to the deliberate avoidance of the crowd.

You may have come to notice that you gravitate to certain areas at a party. So invite someone into that space. Take another pass at the buffet, grab one or two people, and then physically move back to your zone for the remainder of your stay. Not only is this more comfortable but its ideal.

No Such Place as Second

I don’t know what it is but I keep hearing more about people from the perspective of their ‘vertedness and most often from the introverts. Extrovertedness is not a goal, it’s not better, and it is not more effective at relationships. Yes, it can be great for breaking down barriers but that is not an exclusive claim. If you are not up for running a relational marathon then walk across the street to engage with your neighbour. Who you are in this part of your person is not second-rate, it is a purposeful, deliberate crafting of God, and yes, for His purposes just as much as with your ‘On’ friends.

However, this God-breathed distinction does strip away any permissions from the introverted person to sit back in a comfortable and self-imposed bubble, not reach out to those around them.

Trust that your wiring isn’t wrong, weaker in some way or an issue. The very nature of the way that you approach a given circumstance allows for different kinds of people to connect and for God to show himself to everyone in the room.


  • Have you ever looked at others and felt that you were wired wrong altogether?
  • Are you open to exploring whether God crafted you a certain way for a reason?
  • How can you engage with someone this week in a way that you wouldn’t have prior?


  • How have you given yourself permission to not reach out to those around you to share just how amazing and worthy Christ is?
  • What are two ways that you can be present in someone else’s life, right where they are at, completely for their benefit in the coming weeks?

Ryan Rainville

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  1. Some of my greatest friends are introverts. They keep me balanced, teach me to find rest and continually show me the value of deep connection. But regardless of introvert or extrovert, we are ALL called to go beyond ourselves to share Jesus with those around us. This is the perfect end to a month of great messages.. Time to move beyond ourselves and start living outward focussed lives.

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