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I’m sure you have heard the poetic saying that there is a season for everything. There are good seasons and bad ones but if we stay strong and weather the storm that it will pass. This is much easier said than done and right now I’m learning first hand that sometimes weathering a storm is much more difficult than originally anticipated. When we made the decision to follow God’s call to plant a church I knew tough seasons were ahead, but I was unprepared for which areas of my life these seasons would come. In short, they have come in all areas. Some trials have already come and gone, and I’m sure there are many more ahead but I am learning how to “weather” these storms gracefully and confidently.

I’m a Pediatric nurse by trade and by passion. Since I was a young child all I wanted to do was work with children in the medical profession. I was unsure exactly where my career would take me, I had explored both medicine and education before going into nursing but the day I entered nursing it was with the end goal of one day being able to work in Pediatrics. I love how people are so different with different skills and abilities. I remember many of my classmates in nursing school despising the Pediatric rotation during school, but not me, for me that short 13 week semester was my favourite, it’s what I was there to do. And I did it. I graduated nursing school and started working in Pediatrics right away and after a short year, I gained a full-time position in Pediatrics. I had my dream job worked it for years and honestly loved it.

So when God said time to move I knew that this “season” in my life had come to an end.

My new job is just that, a job. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely grateful for the provision it is to my family, the people I work with are kind and amazing people but the job is just a job. I’m not gonna lie, when I first accepted my role in plastics I had high expectations. I was thinking Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. McSteamy, Dr. Avery, and honestly figured that I would be able to tolerate a few facelifts, nose jobs, and boob jobs. How hard could it be?

Spoiler alert. This is not pretty plastics.My first week of orientation brought with it a crushing reality. This was NOT what I thought plastics would be, there’s no nose jobs, boob jobs, no facelifts, I must have read the brochure wrong.

My first week of orientation brought with it a crushing reality. No, what we see every day is skin grafts and amputations, burns and horrible wounds that smell awful. But the best thing, and by best I mean worst, is I have the privilege to work with real live leeches. Yup. Leech therapy still exists, and I get to work with the little suckers regularly. It’s ingenious therapy really as leeches inject a natural local paralytic and anticoagulant (that means a numbing effect and blood thinning effect in nursing language ) as they draw blood it helps bring healing to the dying tissues. And don’t even get me started on the maggots!

Now as a nurse I have had to deal with my fair share of bodily fluids, but bugs are a whole different ballgame. At just the mention of lice, or bedbugs, or ticks, or even mosquitos my skin crawls and I start disinfecting absolutely everything I can. Whenever one of my kids comes home from school with one of those “someone in the class has lice ” alerts, I turn into a crazy person and throw all the family pillows and sheets in the freezer as well as all our jackets and hats and I buy the anti-louse shampoo and start washing my kids hair ” just in case.” Overkill I know! But I need to paint the picture of just how hard it has been for me to overcome this. The first time I had to attach one of the leeches to my patient I found myself dancing the very thin line of trying not to vomit everywhere and yet being on guard and ready to act in case the little sucker decided to latch to me instead of my patient. I’m sure I put on quite the show.

So here’s the point to my ramble. I cannot forget that the same God that put that burning passion to work with children in me is also the same God that currently has placed me to work with leeches.

I could whine and be angry about it. But in my experience, questioning God almighty himself and his plans for my life usually ends up with me be humbled muttering a prayer along the lines of “God you were so right, I’m so sorry.” I’m not exactly sure what I have to learn here or why I am in this season but I know Jesus is aware of the passions and desires of my heart because, let’s face it, he gave them to me in the first place. So I will endure the leeches and weather the storm in this season, trusting that there’s a reason I’m here and God’s got something else around the corner.

I write about this not to complain but to encourage any of you that find yourself in a season of “leeches and maggots”. Know that your God-given passions and desires are not forgotten. I think as a mom, and many of you moms may be able to relate, but we get into such a season of just doing and surviving for the sake of our children that it sometimes feels like our passions and desires have been forgotten. Trust me my friends, the most important thing you can ever do in your life is to invest in your children. But the God that I have come to know also has big plans for you that go beyond the everyday tasks of parenthood. He’s wired you a certain way for a reason, given you certain dreams, not to taunt you, but to motivate you to what’s ahead or what he has in store for you. Often we need to learn to crawl before we get to walk. In reality, instead of just learning to “weather” the storm we should be more focused on learning all we can in whatever season we are in. Search for what you possibly may be learning, how are you growing, or what is it that God is teaching you? What is it that you have to overcome? Or, is this a season where you simply need to learn to be obedient, to be humbled and to serve. I chose to become the best darn plastics nurse I can be until the day that I somehow can find my way back to maternal, infant health. Maybe, and this is a stretch, but maybe I’ll actually learn to love plastics and discover my new passion all along that I never knew existed. Like I said it’s a stretch- but my God can do it.

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1 thought on “Leeches + Maggots”

  1. James 1:2-4 comes to mind. “Count it joy, my brothers, when you met trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have it’s full effect that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.”

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