You're On Your Way

Please fill out the form by clicking on the button below. Once complete in its entirety, save the file and upload it through the 'Upload' button, and click submit. You will be sent a confirmation email with a link to the payment system.

Once there please make a $75 payment for the course resources. Please note that the $75 fee is not considered a donation and no tax credit will be issued in registering for this course.

Understanding Registration

For some, the nature of the questions in this form may seem pretty abrupt. That's OK. Our desire is to have an open and honest introduction so that we can best serve those who are able and willing to share deeply.

For many people, most of the questions may have little to no relevance - this is OK too. The key here is, take everything that you can get from Freedom Session, knowing that we are confidential and that God has amazing growth, transformation, and healing ahead for you.

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