Growth & Healing Through Mentorship

The Natural Step In Personal Growth

No one would trust their personal development to chance. But that is how we tend to operate daily. So many things in life seem more pressing, and so they get out time and focus.

Freedom Session is a mentorship journey that uncovers the roots of our pains and character traps and invites Jesus Christ to heal those areas of our hearts and to grow us beyond our prior experiences. Freedom Session deals with issues like depression, anger, fear and addiction, broken marriages, sexual woundedness, and abuse.

By freeing us from the things we use to attempt to escape the pain in our lives we are more completely set free and are then able to step most fully into the life that God has for us.

This twenty-week intensive is the biggest and most natural investment 

that you can choose for your life.


Because of the personal nature of the conversations in Freedom Session and the information provided during the registration process we want to ensure you of the confidentiality of the process throughout. Only those involved in leadership at Vintage in direct relationship to the Freedom Session ministry will be aware of any personal information that you may choose to share with us as an organization. You're in good hands!

We have only plan to run one set of Freedom Session in 2021. However, we are in communication with those who are interested in attending in the future session and will make launch decisions accordingly with our team.


January 2021

Vintage Church Freedom Sessions begins on Monday, January 11th and runs on Mondays through to June 28st. ***With current health restrictions we may need to delay further***

Each Monday a meeting is held from 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM and is comprised of the main teaching session, followed by break-out groups that will remain set throughout the course. There are weekly assignments to help individuals to grow and to enable them to contribute to the group sessions the following week.

The Freedom Session intake is currently open.

Freedom Sessions cost $75 for materials and additional resources which are used over the twenty meetings and mid-week work. The participant's pack includes; Foundations I: Facing the Truth, and Foundations II: Finding Freedom.

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