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Singles. Couples. Families.

We want to cheerlead you all in seeking God through his word throughout the year. We are following a year-long chronological reading plan. This means that we will be jumping around the Bible a bit as we read it in order of its place in history, rather than capture in a moment by a particular author.

Whether you are new and jumping in mid-year, or getting caught up on missed readings we'd love to encourage you in doing what you may never have done. Read the Bible in its entirety. Let's do this together!

Step 1 - Get the Bible App & the Reading plan

Following the Bible Recap Podcast through the Bible app gives you the opportunity to join in with other members, and to share thoughts daily in the Talk It Over section. As singles or couples this gives you the opportunity to spend the time processing with your spouse and friends. As parents, this gives you a tool where your kids can enter a sentence or two about what they found interesting, or with the questions they have from the day's readings.

We recommend a once-a-week recap discussion of the entries as a group, or as a family. This can easily be done at the dinner table, or as you dive around throughout your day.

Step 2 - Get a study Bible

Bibles We Recommend


First, we strongly recommend that you have a study Bible. The key importance to a study Bible is that the bottom third of the page explains what you are reading verse for verse. While the Bible is for you, it wasn't written to you.

Simple truths explained through imagery can be misinterpreted by the reader without the cultural relevance, or scriptural history at the front of their minds. Here, a study Bible would be clear on the word usage, and the way that the original and intended audience would have understood that passage.


There are many English translations. Why? Because they vary by intent. Even today, going from one language to another is difficult as not all language have equivalent words. Often, cultures speak differently about things, or one may use compound words and lack adjectives. This is the case with the biblical languages.

Knowing this, translators aim for either highly accurate word-for-word translations, or paraphrases which are meant to convey the intent more accurately. If you consider a biblical translation scale, these two methods would be on the opposite sides with most translation lying along the spectrum in-between.

The translation that we recommend avoid the far ends and lean more closely to the word-for-word, and slowly moving away. Please see our recommend list and their associated links for purchasing.


Step 3 - Get setup to listen to the podcast

The Bible Recap Podcast is a great tool to help you process and gain new understanding about the passage that you just read that day. Best of all it is a quick reminder to us, to see God in each passage; to encourage us to grow in our relationship with him. Not to just gain more understanding about scripture.

Best of all its is great for all ages. We encourage you to participate as a family or group of friends as the Bible Recap Podcast helps us to connect with each other over scripture, even when we don't have all the answers.

Step 4 - Grab a friend or family member and help them along the way

Be an equipper and a cheerleader! Help others to get ready, jump in mid-study, or to catch up on missed days. This is not a militant program. It is life giving! Help other to remember that seeking God though his word is an amazing opportunity, not something that should make us feel guilty because we've fallen a week behind.

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