Simply put, we're all about Jesus.

This statement most likely either comes across to you as great news or sounding very, very odd.


If the statement is great news for you then please check out one of our midweek CityGroups! If it is odd, even borderline crazy then here is our promise; we are here to help you form and answer any questions that you may have. Let's be honest, either we are crazy and you need to run and not look back - or, Jesus is God come near and your life is about to turn a corner. One that you can never see coming and that will usher in the most unbelievable ride of your life. Let's go deeper together. Ya, that's best at CityGroups too.

While not exhaustive this will let you know where we stand:

  • Jesus is God. Always was, always will be.
  • Jesus is the secondarily identified person of God, who is ONE in three distinct persons who are each 100% the whole of God. (What!)
  • Jesus was born, lived and died with God perfectly at the centre of his life, meaning that he was without fault.
  • On the cross, Jesus showed in his bodily death (something that we can grasp) what he was accomplishing spiritually (something that we cannot grasp).
  • Jesus rose from the grave, physically, not metaphorically, as a point in history of his own authority.
  • God the Holy Spirit points to Jesus and continues to teach and equip the church according to his will for God's glory.
  • Jesus will return to Earth to end this age of separation of man and God.
  • Being re-joined into a right relationship with God is only possible through faith that God exists and blesses his people. That Jesus, being God, accomplished the removal of the natural consequences of turning away from God by taking that cost onto himself on the cross. Being with God is not a result of moral behaviour.
  • This reuniting trust in Jesus is available to every person without bias.

Do you have a specific question?

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