Vintage Church & COVID-19

To our community,

With the constantly shifting landscape of the local response to COVID-19, we would like to outline Vintage Church’s current preparedness and position as we prioritize the health of our members and guests.

Vintage Church is following the lead and suggestions of the Canadian and British Columbian public health authorities. The daily nature of their analysis means that we too will be holding a fluid approach as we continue to build a community around what the Lord has called us to do as a church.

As a church, the very nature of our ministry is the sharing of the gospel, growth, mentoring, and investment in our people via small mid-week gatherings such as one-on-ones, CityGroups, internships, and Freedom Session.

We are streaming live Sundays on Facebook (CLICK HERE) and online (CLICK HERE) at 10 am while continueing to ministrer in several areas, making direct connections with those in our community and seeking to serve wherever possible.

Our dedication to care - We believe in living life in the community and caring for one another. The precursor to caring is making needs known. Whether COVID-19 related sickness, fear, or any other concern or need we are here to demonstrate in tangible ways the love of Jesus that is for you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us through the Central Hub or at


We have a crazy thought that life should be simple and amazing. We're not reinventing the wheel and we are not saying that we have it all figured out. What we are about is relationships with others. Our lives are best lived when living right alongside others in our community.This is how we go about it:


It is easy to get comfortable in any given area of life and to settle into the 'norm'. We know that life is lived to its fullest on the edge of our comfort zone as we interact with people in our community. This guarantees that there are really cool moments lost in lines at the coffee shops and as we move along just trying to get through the day.


Let's be honest, most of our younger years are used up being taught about how to get ready for our careers. Prepared for life; not so much. Relationships, not at all. Amazingly, there has always been a hope, another shot, another view on the life that you are living. A life with a strong and constant foundation.


Personal reflection should never be confused with comparing our reflection to someone else's, and yet that is what we spend most of our life doing. What do you believe - like, really believe? Having a unified view of life and our world versus blurting out what you are for or against in the middle of social media post is very different. Here's a chance to work through those beliefs.


Yes! Why is it so easy to measure life through lack and observation of what others have? We need to learn to stop and take stock of the abundance of great things in our lives and to give credit where credit is due. While we are at it grab some amazing people so that you can celebrate together.

This is where you connect with up to the minute info on all that is happening at Vintage, CityGroups, Serve Teams, Ministry Request, Partnering, and more.


We are so excited about everything that God is doing at Vintage. Here is a bit in the life of our church.

Have Questions. Demand Answers.

It is so natural to move through life giving the immediate needs of the day all of our time and energy. Most major questions and themes in life only get a thought when interacting with a social media post.

We firmly believe that it is beneficial to identify the big questions in life and then to push to gain further, more concrete understanding in those areas.

We keep it pretty straight forward


Life is full of constant interaction and yet we seem to operate our daily lives as if we are on some sort of mission. Our errands, schooling, child shuttling, and work reduce our interaction with others to transactions with pleasantries acting as the glue holding us from moment to moment.
We get together in what we do by being present in the moment with others.


For most people, smaller gatherings are a natural, easy and common way to interact and unwind. There is even space for introverts to hide out. These meet-ups are where stories are told, relationships and grown and care for others is best walked out.
CityGroups are formed around interests, serving the city and so much more.


We stream live weekly in order to set up or week's gatherings and conversations. Join in and ask questions, engage with our hosts, and get set to take the week to think through, and talk through the thoughts explored in the message. Missed the live broadcast? Check out the archive!



We believe that genuine connection to God and to people is essential, life-giving and that it is meant to be simple. Take stock of what has been given to you. Hold it in an open hand. Now invite someone to participate in what you do.

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